“Fisher Custom Homes built us the most perfect house and made the experience so exceptional that I asked Rob if I could give back by doing a testimonial.
What sets Fisher Custom Homes apart are in the details. In a luxury custom home, there are so many detailed decisions that I felt it was critical that I go with someone I trust. During the interview process, I wanted a builder who:
A. Can share minute details of the design, building, and warranty process vs. giving us a marketing spin.
B. Has 20+ years of blood, sweat, and tears in the business AND who will use that experience to directly/personally work on our home vs. a company where the owner outsources all the work to their “teams”.
C. Builds a few homes well each year so they can FOCUS on my home vs. being spread out over too many other homes.
D. Will make my wife and I feel heard on design decisions and quality level. At the same time, we felt that we could be our worst enemies when making decisions so we wanted a contractor who could push back in a nice way when necessary.
Put simply, we wanted a lot and we got more than we expected. Fisher Custom Homes were on time, on budget, and the house is just… just perfect. Last night my daughter commented that our homes make us feel like we’re on vacation every day.
I wanted to write this testimonial because I found it incredible that even after finishing construction and closing on the house, Fisher Custom Home has followed up with us to take care of miscellaneous details and made sure we are 110% satisfied. I’ve never met a firm so pleasant and committed to delivering such a great product (home) and experience.
Fisher Custom Homes = A firm you can trust.
Thank you, Rob and the Fisher Custom Home team!!” -Sang

“We love coming home..The highest praise we can give is that we would build with them again.” -happy customers

“It is like living in a resort” -Bill

(After 90-day touch up visit) The crew did such a great job with EVERYTHING last week. They went above and beyond our asks and we really appreciate it. It also really does make a difference so thank you! Lastly, the construction has started next door and our neighbors made comments about how respectful and thoughtful your team about start and stop times each day...apparently, the new builder isn't following your lead.


Here is a video testimonial from Duane a Fisher Custom Homes Buyer. Duane’s Custom home by Rob Fisher of Fisher Custom Homes has exceeded his expectations. Listen for yourself. His home was built in Vienna Virginia.